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Let's Talk About It


No matter if you miscarry at 2 days, 7 weeks, 20 weeks your body processes it as if it were a full term pregnancy.  This is an incredible trauma it goes through & we need to acknowledge this.  REST, REST, REST is the single most thing we need to do after miscarriage.  Too often women return to work almost immediately as if nothing happened. 

You are not alone.  Miscarriage is common, I see a lot of women who go through this and I am here to support you in whatever way I can.  Chinese medicine helps restore the uterus and promotes blood flow to the reproductive organs for healing.  More often than not, in addition to weekly acupuncture sessions, I will prescribe at home treatments that are non-invasive and aid in healing the womb.  Healing your body is the most important thing to do at this time, be gentle with yourself as the physical & emotional body have been through so much.

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