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Acupuncture to aid in quitting smoking

Quitting smoking is difficult.  There are symptoms like insomnia, irritability, emotional ups and downs, cravings, headaches, digestive issues, cough, phlegm, and more.  Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture can help relieve symptoms and help you achieve a smoke free life.


Package Investment 700.00

10 Sessions for 30 mins within 6 weeks

Supplements to aid in the detoxification process

Lifestyle and Diet Counselling

Quit Smoking Journal

I provide this package because 1 treatment isn't going to work and a consistency needs to be there.  We are trying to change something you have been doing for many years.  It is going to be difficult and you need to put the work in or you will continue to be a smoker.  This investment is in your health, please note nothing is guaranteed but if you have the will you will be successful.  Please email me for more information or book a 15 minute virtual consult through the online booking site with Kelsey.

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